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Everybody’s talking omnichannel. Why is the insurance industry lagging?

By Mike Osborn, Managing Director
Insurers who don’t adopt an omnichannel model will lose market share, experience increased attrition, and remain saddled with high costs.
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CRM Evolution Conference Presentation

By Jill Hewitt & Elizabeth Mertz, Customer Experience Designer & Account Director
Paper presented at the CRM Evolution Conference, sponsored by CRM Magazine, August 17, 2015.
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customer experience

Value models vs. response models in direct marketing

By Marc Solomon, Chief Strategist
Typically, direct marketers will choose the program that will generate the most customers at the lowest cost per acquisition (CPA). However, not all customers are equal.
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one customer could be worth more than five combined

Customer. Experience. Marketing.


The customer is the oxygen of our business. That’s exactly why we put the customer front and center of every project. They want us to use their information and data to provide more value and to deliver a personalized experience. With that understanding, we improve their journey through relevant experiences that result in stronger relationships. And that’s a breath of fresh air.


What does a customer want to experience? In a word: consistency. And they want that consistency across all channels and touches. We create unique customer experiences that are measurable and profitable. These experiences generate curiosity, engagement and response. This, in turn, helps our clients develop more profitable and sustaining customer relationships.


CRM + CEM = Higher ROI. We don’t need more data. We need good data that gives us better insights into the customer’s behavior. Through analytics, we get a clear view into new patterns and garner new and deeper insights. And that enables our clients to make smarter, better, and more profitable marketing decisions.

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